Salary trend?


Does anyone know what the projected starting salary trend for new RN BSN grads is going to be in the next 5-10 years? Is it expected to increase or decrease?

Thanks a lot!!!


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Well it is probably going to level off at this point due to the economy. Also, due to the WAY over publicized nursing shortage I think that in the future, due to all the people flocking to nursing for an easy paycheck, if anything the pay will go down.


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If you are talking California, I am confident that *at best* it will level off. CA is in such budget crisis that one can't help but believe that the University Hospital system will be severely affected.

Sen Chris Dodd just 'overruled' the removal of the cap on exec pay at fact he made it MORE restrictive....even against OBAMA's wishes! The net effect of that is 11 Billion is going to disappear from the taxes those individuals would have paid into the US Treasury. I believe this 'stimulus' has just taken on the quite opposite and we most likely will not see improvement for many years to come. :o


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Of course it will be many years before we see any type of relief from this economy, as

it took many years for them to run it into the ground. Obama is trying to lay the ground

work but even then, he probably won't see improvement til after his term.


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Out in California, I have seen slight increases in our area but this will probably taper off. As the economy has slowed, I have seen less hiring at all the hospitals.

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