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I am interviewing for an RN position in AZ. I have an ADN and one year experience. At my previous job, my base salary was 19.50 per hour. What is fair to ask starting a new job based on this information?

In Cali, RN's with 1 yr experience get between $20-25 to start. I would say ask what their pay range is at the interview, then meet them somewhere in the middle if they ask you afterwards what your salary expectations are. Some RN's get $25+ just depends on the specialty, whether it's night shift/swing shift etc. Some hospitals are even offering sign on bonuses!


Has 1 years experience.

North Dakota starts new BSN grads at 23 ish. And it bumps up fairly regularly. Also, you can walk in off the street and have a job on any medsurge unit with full benifits. You can transfer to critical care after about 2 years. But thats working in ND. Many facilities will only hire BSNs in three big ND cities (Fargo, Grand Forks, and Bismark)

US Army pays about 50K plus benifits and it goes up from there. But if you join the Army for the money...youre gonna have a bad time....