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I am working with my HR department on better wages/benefits for nurses in my organization and I need your help.

I am most interested in Public Health or clinic nurses.

What is the amount of experience required for entry level job?

What are the salaries?

Is there any weekend or after hours differential?

What are some other benefits your organization offers?

Thanks for your help.

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I was interviewed for a position as an RN in a clinic here in the Dallas area. Here is what they offered.

Salary: 21/hour

Hours: 8am-5pm (No weekends or holidays)

Experience: None required

Since this position was associated with a major hospital who is the dominant force in Tarrant County (I will not name any names however the initials are JPS) They had great benefits. Medical Insurance at no cost, free CEU's, considerable holiday time.


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Thanks for the reply. One more question. How long have you been a nurse?


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Some people get more money but it depends on where you really are or the hospital you walk for.



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I am working in a Rio Grande Valley Hospital in Southern Texas and starting salary for a 10+ years experience nurse in $24.50 an hour. New grads make $21.00. It is fairly competitive here, and this hospital is on the lowere end for rates in this load is heavy.

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