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I have always thought I make pretty good money, not as much as I want but enough to live on. Then my friend figured out how much we make per patient....$3.71. :o I make just under $4.00/patient to make sure there are no post-surgical complications, no medication reactions, no neurological changes during the night. $4.00 to deal with a doctor who doesn't want to be called. $4.00 to hear "my medicine is 5 minutes late", to clean up urine and stool, turn patients, walk patients, deal with pharmacy, radiology, PT/OT, respiratory. I am so depressed...where is my chocolate? :crying2:



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:o Ugh. Then I make $0.76 per patient where I work (28 residents MR/DD "medically fragile" unit).Do the math :crying2: That means the direct care staff DOES make more than me!!!! :angryfire

Oh Well...............



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where is my chocolate? :crying2:

here you go sweetie.....have some godiva, you've earned it :)

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