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I grew up in Jacksonville, FL and currently a team leader on a surgical floor. I have over 13 years experience. My husband now wants to move us to Wichita, KS (where he is from). I make very good money here in Florida and would like to see what kind of pay decrease I will experience when I move. I know the cost of living is a little lower, so I am praying that will offset the decrease a little. Any information will help (including places to live in Wichita and surrounding suburbs). YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!

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Welcome to AN! You may want to try asking your questions in the Kansas forum for more specific answers.


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You can check out this page for a basic idea of what salaries are across the country. Remember to negotiate your salary when you get offers and look for the best you can get. Good luck!

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I honestly have never seen anyone in Florida express how well they're paid!


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I am only saying I get paid well compared to what I hear Kansas RN's get paid. And, being a team leader gives me a higher differential. Not sure how Florida compares to the rest of the country. Thanks for the information!