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15 hours ago, michflox2014 said:

same here.. got mine 5.48 CA time...congrats all.. and I wish all the best..the DNP list isn't out yet.....so there is hope...... can we have a facebook group...

I thought they were only admitting to the masters program and those who aren’t admitted to the masters would have to reapply for the DNP program when that gets approved. Is that not the case? 


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Im still in awe of my acceptance to the program. It has been a long journey for me as well. I have been rejected several times, trust me the feeling is awful. Actually one time, one school gave me a decision a week prior thanksgiving day. I was so down that day but it didn't stop me from doing things for my application to be stronger. 2 certifications, repeating courses and of course constantly practicing for the interview. Just keep trying is my only suggestion.

On the other hand, whoever got accepted. Please send me a private message so we can connect. Is there a facebook group created yet? Let me know


Curious on if anyone hasn’t received any sort of email at all yet?? 


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I haven’t received anything via email. Daniel Lawrence said waitlist and acceptance are sent via email and rejections are sent via posted mail. 

For those who haven’t received any sort of mail or email, as your dashboard changed??


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Mine still says under review. I know someone who got a rejection letter when interview emails went out and it took a month or so to actually get the letter in the mail. I’m assuming this will be the same kind of time frame. 

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Hello All 👋🏽

I recently applied to Saint Mary's and I'm hoping to get some feedback from those who have already started their program. Any information is helpful. This may not apply to the nurse anesthesia program specifically but the graduation rate according to Google is something like 61%. If accepted, I'll be moving from out of state and would love to have the confidence that I made the right decision.

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The 60 percent refers to the SMUMN pass rate from the class of 2019. I took over the program, and our pass rate is now over 90%. Our graduation rate is 100 percent.


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