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Hi Dr. Gordon,

Thank you for your transparency throughout this process. I have really appreciated the open communication on this forum.  Is there an updated time frame for letters to be sent? 

As always, thanks for being so communicative and involved with your potential students. 


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Did anyone get anything in the mail today? This is really starting to get difficult. I hope we find out by the end of this week!  😩

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Nothing in the mail yet. I'm with ya guys! 

Has anyones application dashboard changed at all? Wondering if it will change there as it has in past years?


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Mine still says submitted and under review

Just the sound of silence. 


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Hi everyone! 
I am wondering how many people were waitlisted and if waitlisted does that mean pending approval of the DNP we will automatically have a slot in that program or were there a lot more people waitlisted. Congratulations to everyone who was accepted! 


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Wait you got an email? Or was it mail? I still haven’t heard anything 

I was just about ask the same thing! I don't think anyone has heard anything yet? But...maybe you all know something that I don't?


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OMG. What is going on?!? This is so stressful. 


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A decision came out yet? Oh my, I’m having a breakdown now