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safest NP cert


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I would like to know which NP certification is the safest, in other words, which one is most likely to not get cut? I wanted to go to an FNP program, but all of this credentialing rehashing is making it more stressful.

Follow your heart :) I would personally choose ANP over FNP (less clinical hours / credit hours) and also because I prefer to work with adults.

zoidberg, BSN, RN

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the ANP is being cut ... and my perfect job is working in family practice holding a FNP and PMHNP treating all ages and working with families as a whole. I want to start with the FNP and wait the changes out until the psych certifications get more stable, but I am not sure if the FNP is also going to change or not...

As they say in MBA school - focus on your core competencies. I honestly don't see how they mean to implement the DNP requirement before 2015 if ACA is going to start in 2014. Perhaps I live in denial. Here is a snapshot: 52% of NPs are in Primary Care, compared to 43% of PAs or 33% of Physicians. ANP/FNP or an equivalent Master's degree level certification will survive 2015, IMHO.

zoidberg, BSN, RN

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Its all quite annoying to keep up with. Im thinking an FNP will be just fine. Part of me wants to not get a DNP right away. What a pointless degree.

My thoughts on the DNP, exactly!

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The DNP is not being "required" at all - just "suggested" as in the "BSN should be the entry level into practice" - which hasn't occurred either (lol).

As to FNP, well, I would look for some changes but what they might be is anybody's guess at the moment.