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I'm from Seattle and I'm moving to the Denver area to attend Regis University at the end of this month, so 3 weeks! I've never been to Denver, so I'm moving knowing only what I've found online! It seems like any apartment complex I find that looks good, I read the reviews and there's something about the police being there all the time, the neighborhood being dicey, gun shots heard; and I'm getting discouraged. What are safe areas to live in relatively close to Regis? I've looked at Federal Heights, Thornton, Westminster and other suburbs. My budget is no more then $800, I have a large dog, and I'd like a 2br. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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I recommend Westminster or Broomfield - I have lived in both. Those are safe areas pretty close to Regis. (I'm considering attending Regis within the next year or two for nursing and the commute was certainly a nice bonus!) I think Thornton is a bit too far north east....but don't quote me on that. (You'd think since I'm a colorado native and have lived North of Denver for over a year now I'd know city boundaries, but no....) Living north is much cheaper than living directly in Denver, too. I used to live right on 120th close to I-25, and that area is pretty nice, they've redone most of it in the past few years. If you want you can give me a few names of apartments you're looking at and I can hopefully give you a better more accurate view of the neighborhood.


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Congrats on starting at Regis, yay! :)

A couple of areas that are right next to each other that are super close are Highlands or Berkeley, but I don't know about renting a 2br in that area for under $800, but worth a shot! They are super cute neighborhoods, walk to everything, great people, etc. You could live west as well, not just north, so Lakewood and Golden are options (very close to I-70 which is close to Regis). It's hard to know for sure, but I'd be more than happy to help you, just let me know what you're looking at. :)

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I agree with the above and you might also look at Arvada. It's about 15 minutes down 1-70 (west of Regis) and many of the other students in my class live there.

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