Saddleback Fall 2014

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Just turned in my Fall 2014 application today! I thought I would start a new thread for the Fall 2014 applicants as a way of coping with this three month wait we are all in store for. I already have a countdown on my phone for May 30th, it can't come soon enough! What is everyones point range? Does anyone have any useful info on the program? Good luck to everyone!

I turned my application in last friday. Total points I had 75. Hope thats competitive enough :-/ What were your total points ?? Cant wait to know !!

I'm so nervous! I have 72 points. I also applied to golden west and Santa Ana college.

Barbiegirl, did you get in at SAC? I got my acceptance letter last week :)

I have an application in at Saddleback also.

No I did not. But I got into Goldenwest! I'm really hoping for saddleback though. That's my home school :)

Congrats on the GWC acceptance!

I've spent the past 3 years earning an AA at Saddleback. Fingers crossed for us both :)

Thanks! Congrats on Santa Ana! I've also spent three years at saddleback too! Well only a little over a month left until we find out. Have you taken pharmacology?

I took pharmacology with Carrie Danko last semester

Cool! I'm taking her now. Is the final cumulative?

The final is cumulative. Quite generalized, and she gives a good review/study guide.

hi Barbie and allison ! I also got accepted into gw but also waiting on saddleback. If you dont mind sharing how many point you had on your application. Also how is the pharm class at saddleback ? I am planning on taking it summer and not sure if i should take it there or gw.

my points are very low for Saddleback (60)

Pharm at Saddleback depends on the instructor. My class was straight forward. Quiz every week, based on the lecture slides, instructor pointed you towards the answers/test questions/need to know stuff. I spent about 8 hours a week studying.

The other instructor requires a lot more physiology knowledge, but to be honest I found learning the drugs that way to be easier than straight memorization which I don't do as well at. I need to know how something works/the effects it has to remember.

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