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Saddleback Fall '09


Specializes in Emergency Department. Has 7 years experience.

I got a rejection letter today :cry: I only qualified for the lottery portion of the admissions so I wasn't really counting on it. I thought some of you might look forward to some good news in your mailbox. I am still waiting to see if I luck out in the Golden West lottery and if not, I'm in at Cerritos for Spring '10.

Good luck!

That's too bad. At least you have Cerritos!

What was your gpa?

Does Cerritos just do a lottery now? I'm trying to figure out how all the different O.C. schools do their acceptance and it's so confusing.


Specializes in Emergency Department. Has 7 years experience.

My GPA is somewhere around 3.4 as of Spring '09 but my science GPA was 2.33 thanks to C grades in A&P I and II (out of state, combined classes).

Saddleback currently admits 75% of the applicants based on their GPA and 25% in a lottery each Fall and Spring.

Golden West and Cerritos (LA county, btw) are 100% lottery.

Santa Ana is 100% waitlist until they clear it, then I don't know what they are doing. There are just over 800 waiting; I'm in the 500s and moved up from the 800s when I applied there last June.

Cypress pulls the majority of their admissions directly based on their GPA, then they take the remainder of the class from their waitlist, which is made up of everyone who is put in order of points earned from their completed classes.

If I don't get into GWC, I might reapply there and to Saddleback again before the Spring start for Cerritos. I'd really like to go to school closer to home.

Where are you in the process?

I'm about to start my prereq's this fall at Cypress. I'm just tearing my hair out over whether or not I really need to take Chemisty, or if I can get A's in Anat, Phys, and Micro without it.

I'm waiting to hear back from saddleback about my status =/....but the fact that its this late is not a good sign, is it?

this is so depressing.

with the nursing shortage you'd think schools would accept more students!

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