Sad about withdrawing from a class

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I am enrolled in 3 classes online, Intro to Biological Chemistry, Developmental Psychology, and Intermediate Algebra. The chemistry and algebra are the last 2 classes I need to apply to the nursing program.

2 weeks into the semester I had emergency surgery and had some complications, it took me about a week to be functional. I emailed all my instructors and politely asked for an extension on assignments, but was told no. I busted my butt and got caught up in the chemistry and psychology class, maintaining an A average. But algebra is another story, I am behind too much because so much is covered every week, my average is a a D and I just don't have enough time to get caught up and raise my average. I gave it a lot of thought this weekend and decided to withdraw now rather than drive myself crazy up until the last minute to try to make it work. I can't repeat the course (I don't think) and it would bring my GPA down too much.

I am just sad that it's going to delay nursing school. In the big scheme of things it's not going to matter if I graduate nursing school 6 months later then when I planned, but still, you know? It's a step backwards.



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just knock out those classes with your best and when you take algebra.. you'll do great because you already know some of it and you can give it all your attention! plus with one less class you can focus on your health more :) best of luck!! I had to start in remedial math classes.. so I was kind of behind too! It just makes you that much better :)

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First, I hope you're healing well from your surgery and taking it as easy as possible. :)

I was also "held back" for this semester because I had to retake my Intro to Psych. It was the one reason I wasn't accepted. Yes, I'm sad that I couldn't go through with my friend, but I'm also happy that I was given the opportunity to retake it (17 years later lol). I'm using this semester to take some other courses that are needed for graduation anyways.

6 months behind or not, you're still going ahead. Congratulations on that! :D The next time you're in algebra, you'll rock it out.

p.s. How do you like the Developmental Psych? I'm taking that next semester, I think.



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I've been there. You'll be OK. I try to think of it as an extra semester to save money, study difficult subjects, get the house organized, etc. Hope you're healing well from surgery.

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