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Hello everyone!Is there any nurses who have SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) and if so, did you have problems geting through the nursing program, not so much the academic part, but being scare and uncomfortable to go to clinical site esp. hospitals. Also, did you let your instructor or DON know you had the problem. If you were able to succeed with this (SAD) how did you do it, what meds helped you cope. I don't have problems with the classroom work, it can be tuff, but I manage to get through it, I have to study longer and more detailed and use friends and study partners. Its having to go do something, I have no idea of whats its like or what to expect that gets me, and I feel inferior to the already RN's and doctors and other hospital staff.So please, if anyone had not succeed or has succeed in being a nurse, who has this problem, please tell me how, or I welcome any advice on the matter.Thank You, Msjam54

Do you have all your preq finished for nursing school, where you already currenty in the program, I sorry you may ahve already mentioned this, but refreh my memory if you will. If you still need preqs. Can you take clases at night, try to added into a class, then you could probavly get a teaching job and kill two birds with one stone so to speak. You know your situation batter than I really do, so look at your big picture and weigh all the pro's and con's if you start know nursing or if you get a teaching job. You did say you financially you you need better.

I wish you all the best in what ever you decide!.

This is only if it were me. I need continuious income right know, school will most likely still be there. As my mother always tole me, a bird in the hand, is better than two in a bush.

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I have half my prereqs done. No, I cannot work as a teacher and go to school at the same time as a single mother. Teaching is a 60-80 hour a week job (depending on the school and the grade level and if it is your first year at the school). I already struggle to meet the needs of my children, to get them to the doctor when work won't let me off, to help them with homework when I have my own work to do and still have to make dinner, pay bills, run errands, and to try to get them to their band, school, and cheerleading events. I have no family or friends to give them a ride or help in any way. Regardless, I need further education in order to get another teaching job now in this economy. Believe it or not, even teachers are being laid off and class sizes are getting bigger. I have many teacher friends who are unemployed and I have not gotten a single interview in the 4 years I have applied except the 1 private school where I worked.

My mom is a teacher and some of her coworkers work as tutors sometimes for private places. It's only a few hours a week, usually on the weekends or in the afternoons, but they pay her coworkers about $25-30 an hour. You could look into that.

How you doing,

Yes, it is a hand full to work and go to school and still have to take of kids. Luckily the second time I went back the kids were grown and on ther own, and I still could not get through it. My daughter will be finishing her last semester RN program starting next monday. I tell her I don't see how she could work and do both. But what the other person recommended may be somehting for you. My youngest daughter will be tutoring also this fall she is also going to college aswell, she will only be able to do a few hour a week and maybe more on weekends, but she will get about 22-23 dollars hr too, its not much but a start.

Its always darkest before dawn, as its said. I'm like you , hoping and praying for something to workout for me aswell. It can be done, so many others have did it, maybe its just not the right time yet, only God knows.

online friend, in hope and pray,


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Thanks, guys. Yes, I could probably squeeze in a few hours of tutoring a week, but since I have 2 young children an nobody to assist, I will barely have time to make it to school and back while they are in school. My daughter gets out at 2:45 and I have to pick her up - no bus - so my last class must be over by 1:45 to give me time to get back to my car and drive back to our town, then I have to feed her and my son and get them to their after school activities.

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