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Yes, I did. I got the call yesterday and was told orientation will be held one week before the 4/12 start.


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 @AnonAMoose I did get accepted too but wanted to see if anyone has any more information.

Krista Odono

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AnonAmoose, is it hard to get into the program?


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On 6/10/2021 at 11:11 AM, Krista Odono said:

AnonAmoose, is it hard to get into the program?

Hey Krista,

I can't say it was hard, but it was definitely frustrating. I'm an organized, "cross your Ts & dot your Is" type of person, so I made sure to do ample research on what Carrington required: Completing the correct prerequisite classes, ensuring my GPA & TEAS scores were high enough, etc. The most difficult part of the admissions process was not getting the proper support and lack of timely responses from the admission counselor.

My counselor has since retired and would take days to respond to simple questions. Whenever I had a question about which science classes would be accepted, she said the academics counselor had to answer that but would not assist further. She lost my PAID transcripts several times, which meant I had to spent even more money resending them to her. 

After she received all of the transcripts, I was invited to a file building session, where they cover the application and documents you'll provide to them. Make sure you're up to date and compliant with all of your immunizations* (verified by third-party company), have a current CPR card, and have your employment verification letter. Once you submit the packet to them, they'll simply tell you the packet is complete, and one of them will eventually call you within the next few days to inform of your acceptance or rejection.

Hope this helps & good luck!

*See the LVN to RN program requirements in Carrington catalog, downloadable from their site.


Ruinit, LVN

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Could anyone tell me how hard is the program? How’s the workload at school? Lots of homework?


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