Sac state (CSUS) nursing spring 2013

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Hey, is anyone applying to sac state for spring 2012? Do you think it will be easier to get into since they won't accept any non-sacstate students? What do u think the cut off will be?

Sorry for all these questions. Has anyone taken the TEAS v? if so, what was your score? how did you study? and for how long. I am taking the test in 3 weeks. i am nervous

Hello! I just submitted my application for Spring 2013 at Sac State today. :) I'm hoping it will be easier to get in since I only have 59 points (eek!) I took Teas V twice. The first time I got 83 and the second time I got 90.7. What are your stats??

I am taking the TEAS V on Oct 1, applications are due by 5pm and my test will be done in the morning. So i don't know my stats yet but I am hoping I can get at least 60 points. What was your GPA?

I just submitted my application today. I have 73 points. My GPA is 3.75 and my teas score was 90.0. I'm super excited about the opportunity so crossing my fingers. It definitely will help that only csus students are eligible. (I have 9 extra criteria points) keep in touch let's see how it goes. Crossing my fingers for you too!

Good job Crebs! :) I have my fingers crossed and hopefully this will be our lucky semester. Being a part of Sac State's nursing program is like a dream come true for me! Good luck of all of us :D keep me updated, and I will do the same.

I got in last semester and If you got above a 70 you should not even worry. Also, since the university is not taking transfers, you guys have a better chance of getting in. :)

Btw, good luck!

I have 50 points total :/ I am really worried right now!

It's going to be a long wait until November 26th!!!

Hi all! I applied with 64 points, so I'm hoping that's good enough to get in this semester. Good luck to everyone that applied :)

I just read somewhere that the point cutoff for Spring 2010 was only 35 points! That was the last time they only admitted Sac State students. Does anybody know if this is true?

I went to the information session today and ****** is SUCH A SWEETHEART! The nicest lady in the world and she took the time to answer everybody's questions which was super duper helpful. There were only 132 (she may have said 134) applicants for Spring!!! That's AWESOME! I told her my points, which I found out after the infosession worked out to only 70 not 73 like I thought. Here are some things I didn't know that I now know from the session: 1) you don't qualify for the extra points for being economically disadvantaged unless you included your parent's information on your FAFSA 2) if you've repeated a prerequisite course more than 2 times, you lose 5 points for that particular prereq. AND, this doesn't just mean taking the same exact course number more than twice, it means anything in that same GE category. 3) You have to make sure you've submitted your Sac State transcript OR YOU WILL BE COUNTED AS INELIGIBLE. The cutoff will be much lower than normal obviously, but not as low as the last semester where they only admitted Sac State students. She confirmed that the cutoff for Spring 2011 was only 35, but the cutoff this time will not be that low she said. From the way it sounded, if you have 50 points or above I wouldn't worry. So, anywho, good luck everybody!

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