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I currently live in Massachusetts an am graduating from a PN program in about a week. Up here, we mainly work in LTC and Dr offices and visiting nurses. Pay can be from $18- $25 apprx an hr. Hospitals mostly dont hire LPNs although there are a few big hospitals in boston that do hire- I have to weigh my options as to moving down there and up here, between pay, responsiblities and settings a LPN can work in.

  • What settings does an LPN normally work in?
  • Whats the starting pay(average)?
  • Are LPN's thought of as CNA's down there, cuz thats sometihing i have heard, but it was from an RN-
  • Are there things that a LPN cant do down there where as up here, we cant hang blood- need to be IV certified to start IV's, and a few other things but basically we can do everythign else.
  • And also is there a lot of jobs and opportunities down there?

I grew up in Fort Lauder dale...And also on the beach on the line of Hollywood/Dania and i also spent a year in Tampa. I have a sister and my mom who live in Miami right now.... so I am prob considering somewhere in that area. If anyone can answer my questions and share there opinions and experiences, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance!

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scope is pretty much the same, some hospitals still employ LPN's in med/surg and Psych, most specialties however are moving to RN only, the pay however, maybe in LTC but most likely a new LPN with no experience will start around 13-16$ hr (a brand new RN is based aroun 20-22$ so it's a lower pay generally across the board) the cost of living depending on area could be significantly lower than where you are at right now so there are alot of things to consider than just pay alone. Good luck, I personally love FL and am just happy to have a job so I can't complain about the pay vs. cost of living in sw/central FL lol


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Hi, I moved to FL from MA about 6 yrs ago. I live in the Tampa Bay area. There really isn't much of a difference as far as scope goes, still have to be IV certified here to hang IVs, can only hang blood as the second signer with an RN, and though you're not thought of like a CNA, I still get the "are you a REAL nurse?" question from patients and families occasionally, but I got that up in MA too. Just ignorant people that really don't know the difference between an LPN and RN.

There are jobs in hospitals, LTC, rehab facilities, home health, Dr. offices and clinics, all looking to hire LPNs. Most are looking for 1 yr experience, but I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem finding something, just would have to consider less pay because of the lack of experience. The pay is less for the dr. office positions and Home health, unless you are taking a per diem position. It can range anywhere frm $14-$17 in those arenas. Hospitals depending on experience and if full time vs. per diem I have been paid anywhere from $16 to $21. I am currently in a full time home health position (started with them just over a yr ago) because I am going to school for my RN. The company I work for is unique in that we aren't going all over the county to see patients. We go to our own facilities to see clients, and I usually see them all in 3 or less locations per day. Though the pay was a slight cut for me, the benefits are great, my co-workers are fantastic and my schedule can be really flexible with my school requirements.

You can look up jobs online at different hospitals in the area you are looking to move, seeif they hire LPNs, and check out sites like Yahoo, CareerBuilder, Monster, and even the newspaper for the area. Definitely look into getting your RN, a lot of places downhere offer "Earnas You Learn" programs and tuition reimbursement. It will open so many more doors for you! Good luck!

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