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I made a facebook page (Rush CRNA 2021 cohort) for us to all connect and we can share it with the others who aren’t on this thread as we get more information from the school.




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@TI_ICURN_NYC just requested to join!


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Link? Can’t find it...


@TI_ICURN_NYC I just requested to join as well. Not active enough on here to send PMs, if you want to message me then I can give you my name.


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Hello! I was just admitted for the fall of 2023 class, I do not know anyone who goes to Rush and was just hoping to hear some anonymous honest feedback about how you guys are enjoying the program!? 

Read some threads online that were concerning about the treatment of SRNAs at Rush but the new program director seems great so just hoping to hear that you guys feel you made the right decision choosing to attend Rush!

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