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Also does anyone else on this board have any knowledge of Rush University/Hospital in Chicago? I heard a little rumor that they pay fyour tuition if you work there after completing their program. I am wondering if that is true??


I am full of questions today.: rolleyes:


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Yes, I know a great deal about Rush, as I am about to graduate from their accelerated BSN program. Rush does have a scholarship program for BSN students in which they will pay your tuition in return for working at the medical center on a unit in need. The accelerated (4-quarter) students must work for 2 years; the regular 7-quarter students work for 3 years. You need to apply for the scholarship and attend an interview. Near the end of your program they will provide with a list of units and the number of positions open on each. You decide which units you want to interview. You are guaranteed to be placed on a unit, but may not be your first choice.

Hope that helps!


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Well all I can say is great things about the place. I have been going to Rush since I was 12. I was diagnosed with osteo sarcoma,and went through chemo, and all there. Such caring and compassionate people. I am currently an above knee amputee,and a 1st semester ADN nursing student. They have great people(nurses,doctors, support staff) Hell everybody there. So you ask about the program. It is one of the best in the area.I have every intention on applying to work at Rush after I get my ADN. Yes they will pay for school. My doctors have all told me to definitely give Rush a chance. So I say to you GO FOR IT!!! RUSH is the bomb!!!:cool:

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