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I am thinking about applying to the Neonatal Master's Program at Rush. Anyone know how competitive acceptance is? I have a 3.8 GPA and one year experience.


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Hi k6wi!!

I am graduating in May with a BSN, and I'm really interested in Rush's NNP program, eventually. Like you, I would like to work for a year, and then apply.

I actually went to a meeting at Rush about the program, and they said they won't take anyone without at least 2 years of experience. However, they said that you could apply with 1 year of experience and get accepted if you would have 2 years of experience by the time of beginning the program. They were really really pushing on the experience. You shouldn't have a problem with your GPA.

Where do you work? Do you have any suggestions of which NICUs in the area are good to work at? Do you know when your unit will start to hire new grads?



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I'm a student at Rush and work at Rush also. It's a competitive program and they like at least one solid year of experience before you apply and at least two years before you start your "non-core" classes. This is what the advisor will tell you for the NNP program.

I strongly suggest meeting with them before applying.

It's a great program. The students are competitive and very independent. A lot of courses are online, so you you have to be very motivated.

Good luck :)


P.S: 3.8GPA is great! you shouldn't have a problem getting in with that.

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