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Coming home to Oz after travelling the world for a while and my wife and I are considering a rural remote/aboriginal placement. Interested to hear from anybody who is doing/has done this. Am excited actually as it is way of trvelling our own country, something we forgot to do in the rush to see the rest of the world.



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I haven't, but two friends of mine spend three months working in a remote town near the WA/NT border. They foud it challenging at first, but loved it, particularly the independence and autonomy, the unexpectedness of what might happen, and the people. Both of them are planning on returning for longer.

Another friend is working in a larger, but still remote, town in SA and is finding it a significant cultural change but very rewarding.

Hope that helps a little. Welcome home :)

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Try here

IF you are currently empluyed by Q health apply for rural placement there is a program where you can be deployed short term in relief positions.


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i am currently working in a tiny little town on the qld border and it is amazing. it is so different from anywhere else i've been, there is just so much more flexibility, in a few weeks you know nearly everyone and their medical history - which makes life a lot easier. i would reccomend it to anyone, it's a completely different atmosphere to larger areas which i have found to be very impersonal, and it can be lots of fun. you do need to be careful depending on the area you are in, but that's true of most places these days.

rural and remote nursing does carry more responsibility as there are less people to call on in a time of need, and you end up knowing a little about everything rather than a lot about something. but i would definitely say it is worth it.

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The NT is great for pulling in heaps of money. Lots of call and stress but a worthwhile life experience. Don't go for state jobs, stick with agency as they pay heaps! :rolleyes:

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