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Rural Nusing for new grads?

by woahmelly woahmelly (Member)

I've been researching facilities in my area (I graduate in May and should be licensed by the end of June) and in the process happened to run across rural nursing and fell in love with the idea. Would you recommend this for a new grad?

joanna73, BSN, RN

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I started in a rural area as a new grad. Unless you have strong clinical skills, and you are able to work independently, which most new grads can't, I wouldn't recommend rural nursing right away.I work with a skeleton staff. I came from a very large, very busy facility, so I didn't find the transition too overwhelming. If you decide on rural, be prepared for anything to happen. Good luck!

Thanks joanna73. I sort of figured, but it can't hurt to ask right?

I started my career in a small, rural community hospital (after training in a big, busy teaching hospital in a medium-sized city) and had a great experience. You will get a lot more responsibility and independence, and a wider range of experience, more quickly in that setting than you will in a larger facility. And everyone knows everyone else's business (in a small, rural hospital) -- don't expect to be able to keep anything secret! :)

I say go for it! I graduated 1 1/2 years ago and got my first job in a rural hospital. I love it because I get to experience a little bit of everything. I work med/surg, ER, A&R, and recently in the OR. It is great because you get to use many of your skills in a rural hospital. At first it can be overwhelming, you deal with a variety of patients, but it only makes you a more of a well-rounded nurse.

Are you still in rural nursing? Or are you at a larger hospital now.


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How do you find job postings for rural area? Internet?