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the only problem I see with them is rule 8. movies with chainsaws may not be smart either. she may get so scared she needs to be held.

I agree. Rule 8 has problems...only mine is with this line...

Hockey games are okay.

I may be an adult, but I'm still a daughter. And if you want to win my heart, take me to a hockey game! (I told my BF that if he ever does anything stupid like buys me a diamond engagement ring, I'm gonna hock it for season tickets...and not invite him as punishment for not knowing what to buy me in the first place!) :D


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*snort* I live in Leafs country, and with the way they've been performing for the last 20 years, the hockey game is the lace to go to break up.:twocents:


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I like rule number 4...hahaha

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Reminds me of the "application to date my daughter" that floated around our house. Asked questions like "Do you own a van?" and "Next of kin?" My father also enjoyed showing perspective suiters his hunting equiptment and the blank spot on the wall between the two deer heads with a sign that said "reserved"

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