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Ruined future career as a RN

by louise78 louise78 (New) New

Hi all,

I am in need of some advice. I recently resigned my position on a busy med-surgical floor and am worried I really put a tack in my career. Looking back on the situation I probably should have reacted differently but at the time I was frustrated and upset and worried that my license was at risk. The main problem was that I was not given the orientation I was told I would have, I was getting 7 patients instead of the 5 I was supposed to have been started with. Worst of all I would often not even get a report on my patients-so I was going into my assignement blind. I am now worried that I am going to be deemed un-hirable by other employers. Please help.


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Its not the end of the world.....it happens....and people get new positions....I thought I ruined my career early on, too....but I didnt, I am still employable as RN!!! Just get back on the horse, explain how the unit "wasnt a good fit" ....and move on....you'll be fine...PM me if ya want more details!!!!

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Hi there and welcome. As long as you quit with the appropriate two weeks notice you should be fine. Were there other considerations?

You might want to analyze why you didn't like this job? Was it only the orientation or lack there of? Or was it the type of floor or facility? With some introspection, you can get a better idea of why this didn't work out and correct things so that it doesn't happen again.

Good luck.

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