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I want to suggest that you contact your board of nursing to be sure they will recognize a degree from Excelsior. California and some other states are not allowing graduates from Excelsior to be granted an RN license because of the lack of hands-on clinical hours.

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It's very rare that credits/units from an LPN program (usually considered a vocational program rather than a collegiate program) will transfer over to a college ASN or university BSN program. The most I have seen is LPN license/experience credit given for lower level nursing credits sometimes requiring a test or skills demonstration.

Also, some bridge/transition programs grant en bloc credit for possession of the LPN/LVN license and/or grant advanced placement for having LPN/LVN licensure.

For example, a local university's LVN-to-BSN transition program requires 60 credits worth of prerequisites, but they'll grant an additional 14 credits of en bloc credit for producing an active LVN license. The mobility student enters the program with a total of 74 credits, and therefore, has to complete another 46 credits to graduate with a BSN degree.