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Hi everyone my sister's 2 month old was caongested Sunday night so she ended up taking him to the ER. They did a nasal swab and it came back pos. for RSV. They sent him home on po albuteral and a decongestant. I don't do peds so I was just wondering if any of you experts could give ant info.

He has a follow up appt today.


Noney :)

Jolie, BSN

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I hope the little guy is feeling better.

RSV is a common respiratory infection which is of little consequence to most who are exposed to it. It poses the greatest risk to newborns, former preemies, and infants or young children with other respiratory and/or immune disorders.

The symptoms start out like those of a cold, and often include copious amounts of mucous secretions. Any baby who shows signs/symptoms of respiratory distress such as color change, nasal flaring, grunting or retractions needs to be seen immediately. Treatment is supportive, consisting of fluids, bronchodilators, O2. Antibiotics are given only if there is reason to suspect a complicating bacterial infection. Ribavirin is an anti-viral agent used with some high-risk patients to lessen the severity of the infection. Because of its high cost, difficulty in administering the drug, toxicity to pregnant care-givers, and questionable value in treatment, it is usually reserved for the sickest patients.

Most babies do well with supportive treatment in the home. But because there is some risk of respiratory complications, I suggest that parents sleep in the room with the baby until he is completely over RSV.


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Thanks Jolie

That is very informative. My sister slept on the floor beside him last night. We was in a carrier because he wouldn't sleep otherwise. He's doing better today.



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Hope is is doing much better now!

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