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I'm an LPN in Alberta, but may be relocating to Ontario within the next year for my husbands job.

Have several questions for any RPN!!!

1. Does Ontario have Ortho techs? Orthopaedic Tech course is a post LPN skill here in Alberta. I'm looking to take it in the new year, but now on the fence if I can't use the skills in Ontario.

2. Can RPNs do IVs (insertion, manage, meds, IV push, blood draw/phlebotomy?)

3. I currently work in the ER and LOVE IT. Is working in the ER in Ontario possible? (If we move, it will be to Orillia/Bracebridge/Muskoka region)

4. What schools offer post RPN/ or and RPN-RN bridging program?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Specializes in NICU.

1. I've never heard of this term - what exactly is it? We have OR techs, the role of the RPN in Ontario in the OR is as a tech, doing the scrub role.

2. It depends on where you work, different places have different scopes. But as far as I know in the hospitals RPNs are performing all these skills

3. I know there are RPNs in the ER in the larger hospitals. Orillia/Muskoka has a smaller community hospital and I'm not sure they have RPNs in their ER as resources are more limited. Best to check with th specific hospital

4. Many of the colleges have collaborative programs with the universities to offer the bridging program. I did it at McMaster. If you're moving to the Muskoka area I believe Georgian college (Barrie) has a partnership with Trent university in Peterborough...but don't quote me. You should be able to find out which schools offer it with a quick google search :)

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