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While I like my roster most of the time and enjoy the night shifts I do as it gives me a chance to do direct patient care ( I am a charge nurse) I am getting worse at adjusting after my nights are finished.

I slept too long after my shift and now the next day have been awake since 5 AM. Arrgh!!

My stomach has decided that it no longer likes night duty and is making more noise than my fridge after having a 3 night party where it was cramping and gurgling.

Ok pity party over. Might get up soon but it is the middle of winter and dark!

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I recently had to stop doing night shift in a residency program I was doing. For me no only was I getting stomach pains and not being able to sleep but 2 hours the following day after the first night shift, but my performance was impaired and it could have been a safety issue. Subsequently I have turned down job offers that said I would have to work nights, which I think is totally unfair because not everyone's body can adjust to this. I tired for 2 months, did all of the suggested things, black out curtains, white noise, etc. and nothing worked, I just couldn't sleep in the day and I was miserable.

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