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ROLL CALL! Seminole State nursing program

:yeah:i just got accepted to seminole state nursing program evening/weekend track for 2011. i was wondering if anyone else was accepted!!!:clown:


I got into the Evening Seminole State Track as well and the Ucf Concurrent program.

So excited and nervous! I am hoping to try to work some while taking classes.

same here. i'm alittle nervous, but i'm ready:coollook:. i'm hoping to work some also. well congrats!!!:yeah:

Same here also! (I'm in to both programs!)

I didn't quite expect to get in since I was still completing some of my BSN prereqs at the time, and was going to wait until I could do concurrent or generic BSN if not chosen so it did come as a (pleasant!) surprise!

I, too, am pretty nervous, yet excited! It all seems to be happening so fast now!

:ancong!: :yeah::D!

I also got accepted to both programs, look forward to meeting everyone at orientation.


Congrats Lahill122, see you at orientation!

congrats lahill122:yeah:

Greetings everyone, I am looking forward to finally starting the journey of Nursing School.

Same here also! (I'm in to both programs!)

So excited!!!...

and ... doing lots of paperwork.

Finally got my immunization forms done yesterday:D

I am starting the program in January as well! I'm a little nervous but also excited. I know it's probably going to be a whole lotta work so I'm going to try & enjoy some down time during the holidays! I am still trying to get all that paperwork filled out too! See everyone at orientation :)

congrats legallyblond3:yeah:. see you at orientation:d.

Hey guys! Congrats to you all! So nice to read these lines of happiness! Hopefully I will join concurrent program with UCF in fall 2011!

I am still working on my pre-reqs and was wondering if anyone applied to concurrent program and got accepted while still taking pre-reqs?

Please let me know! Thank you and good luck!!!

Does anyone have the syllabi from the classes you guys have taken so far? I am trying to transfer into SSC's program and have to take the final for each class and do skills check offs. (Yikes!) It would be TREMENDOUSLY helpful if someone could send me the syllabi. I know you guys haven't taken Advanced Concepts in Medical-Surgical Nursing yet, but if you know anyone who has....