Role of RN vs Surg tech in OR

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Hi! I have always been interested in the OR, but I am not sure the best route to get there. I am currently accepted into an ADN program this fall, but am curious how a nurse gets into the OR and what they do in the OR. There is also a surg tech program close by. I am wondering which one I should pursue. Should i do surg tech first, gain experience, the go to nursing school? Any info would be appreciated.

If you are accepted to Nursing school then by all means do it. There's not point in withdrawing your application, applying to surg tech school, going through surg tech school, working, reapplying to nursing school, and finishing the program....just to end up in the same place years from now!!

Surg techs scrub and assist the doctors with instruments. OR Nurses can do exactly the same, and they can circulate. So basically you have more options as an RN and get paid more too. You also have more opportunity to move up the ladder as an RN. I suggest you see if there is someone you can shadow in an OR to see the difference.

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When you graduate nursing school in 2 years and feel like relocating, look me up. Where ever I am I am sure I will need someone and I like training people plus I am usually a manager or director at my location. I prefer homegrown new OR nurses anyway, less bad habits and less attitude to adjust typically.

Thank you so much for the info! It sounds like nursing school is the way to go!

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Absolutely true!!! No bad habits and know it all attitudes to bring into the OR. We don't need attitude when you're new just a desire to learn and work.

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