Role of LPN/LVN in oncology


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I was just looking for some input here. I will (hopefully) be graduating as an LPN in June. I was wanting to get into the oncology field. Could anyone tell me if they work anywhere that LPNs are utilized or is it a strictly RN centered field? I am hoping to do my RN bridge next year, but am still wanting to try to get my foot in the door between now and then. Any advice or input you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :bow:


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Hopefully my reply will be helpful...I'm an RN and work on an Oncology unit. The LPN's on our unit function in the same roles as an RN . They have a team of patients, perform assessments and charting, pass meds (cannot administer IV meds..except saline flushes). When we have a new admit,the RN performs the initial assessment. We usually do it together. The LPN can take off orders and place them in the computer. I can think off the top of my head some things our LPN's cannot IV pushes, blood product infusions, and chemo. LPNs are an integral part of the team. I feel as an RN that we are EQUAL:anpom::anpom:. We are both nurses there to care for our patients.

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My hospital uses only RNs in the inpatient setting for oncology. I believe there are some LPNs in the outpatient/clinic setting, however.

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I'm a LPN on a tele/oncology floor, and although I can't actually hang the chemo, I can monitor the patients who are getting it. However, we don't get the patients who are getting actual chemo very often, as there is an infusion center attached to the hospital; we usually get the ones whose counts show that they are neutropenic when they show up or the ones who are suffering from infections as they approach their nadir or the ones who are having chronic n/v from their treatments. We fix 'em up good enough to go get more, then see them again after their next round of chemo.


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Thank so much for the information. I really appreciate it.


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Are there many job opportunities for LVN/LPN's in Oncology or a cancer treatment center? So far, all of the job listings for nurses in Oncology have been for RN's.

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I am an LPN oncology nurse who mixes all the chemo drugs, calculates dose, accesses ports, hangs chemo. There is nothing I am restricted from administering and often work alone in the chemo room. I work for an independent MD who is onsite in another dept seeing patients. I also do the required blood draws needed prior to giving chemo & run them myself in my lab, verify the results and if they are in proper limits begin chemo. So here in Florida it depends on where you work that decides what an LPN can perform.

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