Rocked my 1st entrance interview and test!


hey guys,

so, i went to keiser university today to speak with an admissions counselor just to find out about the school. well, it turned into the first entrance interview. she was so impressed, she said she was couldn't wait to recommend me for their nursing program! i also took a short 12 minute test. she told me that most people do not pass it the first go around, but use it to get an idea of the things they should study, and not to worry about coming back to retake it next week. it had 50 questions, and i had to answer at least 35 of them. i answered 45. i had to score a 20 or higher to pass, and i scored a 23.

i was so excited and nervous! when she came back in to check my score, i was still stuck with a permanent smile. she said, "keep on smilin' and follow me!" she went on about how great i scored, and we set up my appointment for admission. i have a few more things to do before being accepted, but i feel very confident!

i bought a teas v book today. i figured i would need a lot of study time with math before the exam, but when i looked at it, i was blown away! i can do almost all of the math in the book! i am a bit cautious about the science, but i will be studying my toosh off!

anyhow, i just wanted to share my great day with ya'll!



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Thats Awesome and good luck on the test!