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Hi everyone. I may be considering a move to the Rochester, NY area (or suburban areas in that general part of the state). Just wondering if any of you are school nurses out that way - I'd like to find out whether schools there tend to hire directly, and are the nurses in unions? At the school where I currently work (also in NY), I'm in the teachers union, though many school nurses in my area are in the civil service union. Love my job and really can't complain about the pay or benefits, but for other reasons I may be considering relocating.

If I allow myself to dream a little bigger, I might consider a move to either TX or GA. Can anyone tell me roughly what kind of pay, benefits and requirements I might expect in those states? Obviously I realize there will be differences from one district to another, private or public, etc. Just looking for ballparks.

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Texas has no nurse or teacher unions. We also do no have state income tax. Bigger school districts tend to pay better. My first school only allowed higher pay for previous experience at a teaching hospital or clinic. My current district took all of my nursing experience which got me 10,000 more than my previous district.

Texas here - My district did not give me credit for my nursing experience - I started at the same pay as a first year teacher. I think I make a decent wage for what I do.

Thank you both for the input! Do schools in Texas require school nurse certification?

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