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RNs in Trauma Care or Recreation for At Risk Kids


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I am originally from California and now a Psychiatric Nurse Tech in Houston, finishing pre-nursing this Fall and have always dreamed of providing trauma care for at risk youth.

I am a child abuse survivor myself and am wondering how many RNs out there that could steer me in the right direction and are survivors too.

Is there a such thing as a nurse practitioner that owns a group home for runaway youth by overseeing their medical needs? Recreation centers? Like, what is out there in regards for a med professional to use their nursing license to improving law policies in managed care for abused kids? I had seen an article about an African American RN in law.

Only POSITIVE answers, some of these RNs are toxic on this site and I will report it.

dream'n, BSN, RN

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My recommendation would be a Masters Degree in Social Worker or as a Licensed Clinical Therapist and then become certified nationally in Trauma Therapy. You could also double major with an additional degree in Public Administration.

And not negative, but true. Ownership of these facilities is very strongly regulated and would take your full attention as an administrator, therefore you probably wouldn't get as much interaction as you would like.

You may also want to take a look at becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner