any RNs go the associate degree route?


Hi everyone!!! My name is Sylvia and I am currently enrolled in the associate degree program for RN at Massbay. I was wondering if anyone else has gone this route (Associates instead of bachelors) and was wondering if anyone could share their experiences and thoughts about the whole thing and how it all went for you? Thanks I really appreciate it!!!


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I went to Quincy College for my ASN, thought I was all done with school because an RN is an RN. But decided to get my BSN, which my hospital paid for, now I am going on for my NP. In my opinion, due to the cost of some BSN programs, the ASN is the most economic way to become an RN.


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I did my associates first, then immediately went back 6 months later, financial aid covered 100%, for my private education BSN. This saved many so....much.........$$$$$$$$. :)

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3 years ago when I got my associates In nursing it was all good. I got a hospital job and there was very little pay difference between Adn and Bsn. Now however having ur Bsn will give u more of a chance to land a job fresh out of school. Even with the Bsn my friend who graduated 6 months ago had a hard time finding hospital work and ended up working in a nursing home.