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Hi! Can anyone give me information about how to become a nurse in California? I am an RN in Taiwan with five years ER experience.

I want to move to California and work for a hospital there. Can someone please tell me what I need to do and what requirements I need to meet in order to work there? Do I have to go through a recuritment agency or can I try to apply by myself?

Has anyone out there gone through the process as a foreign nurse and can tell me about their experience?

Thank you for your help!



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Here are links to the Board of Registered Nursing. I have not been through the process so hope someone who has tells you more.





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You may go through the employment agency or take the NCLEX in your country, but you do need the board certification to work in California. Other possibility is to contact the www.CGFNS.org for more guideline. It is much easier if you are already in the States. Due to the long list of immigration backlog in a huge state like Cali, I think it is better to go through a smaller state where the waiting period is short or get a visitors visa to enter and then apply to convert to a work visa.

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This thread is nearly 3 years old, people.

I highly doubt the original poster is posting anymore.

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