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I am a RN living in SC and would like to move up north to Western MA (or anywhere in MA) to be closer to family. If anyone has any advise about area hospitals, going pay for RN II, cancer centers, or anything else, I would greatly apperciate it. I have experience in Oncology nursing as well as Transplant nursing. I have looked into the hospitals, and done research, but it's kinda overwhelming, so I was hoping someone could help me out. Thanks!

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Your post has been moved to the Massachusetts Nursing forum for more responses. Good luck with your move!

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If you want to move to Western MA, Baystate is the biggest hospital out there. UMass Memorial is in Worcester and the other major hospitals in the state are in Boston. The job situation is very tight up here and I would try to secure a job before you move. What is your educational background? Generally, hospitals up here demand a BSN but I'm not sure about Western MA.

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I have lived in western mass for several years now. I did my senior internship at Baystate on their neuro floor. While it is the largest hospital in western mass and certainly carries a great reputation, my experience their showed me that their nurses are understaffed and overworked. However, I was only on one unit and could vary across the hospital. I got hired at Berkshire Medical Center as a new grad and have loved every minute. I cannot say enough good things about this place. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a hospital that is friendly, not too small/not too big, and that treats their staff well. Good luck!

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