RN as 68W or 4NOX1 in reserves? Would this be crazy?


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Hi again! This is an offshoot of my original question. I'm an RN (ADN) with 10 years experience. I am in a RN to BSN program now but won't be done for 2 years. I was looking at 68W or 4NOX1 in reserves or the guard. A air evac unit nearby has openings. Granted there is absolutely no guarantees but that type of position in air evac interests me. I know I wouldn't be working as an RN in the military but it might be a stepping stone to it later when I get my BSN done. I could also get started faster. I have my EMT-B, ACLS already so along with an RN might be able to get out of some of the AIT (or maybe I'm delusional on this). I'm looking at these enlistment MOS's because I'd like to be "out in the field" while I am still relatively young. I don't want to be working in the hospital. However being female I know that a hospital position is most likely. I can financially afford a deployment on enlisted wages. So here's my question. Is enlisted for me just stupid? How long do I stay in my MOS before I can move to an officer RN position (which would be my ultimate goal)? Is there any way to control what type of work environment I go to as a 68W (or equivalent)? Thanks again for your time!!

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If your goal is to be an rn in the nurse corps, focus on that; there is no automatic transition from enlisted to officer.

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Used to be a 4N0 many moons ago. It's a step back if you're already an RN. You would be in a CNA-LPN role and wouldn't be allowed officially to use your RN skills.

If you want to do it for the opportunity to serve, and earn a paycheck or education benefits while you're earning your BSN it's a good deal. If you want to do it to make yourself a better officer by serving some time in the ranks go for it. But don't do it to enhance your officer application. You'll do better by focusing on your BSN studies and further developing RN skills (certifications, experience in different nursing areas).

Good Luck