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What are the differences in RN vs LPN clinicals?

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My LPN clinical rotations were more skills-focused, whereas my RN clinical rotations revolved more around the paperwork aspects and planning the care of the patients.

In addition, there was a staggering difference in the sheer amount of clinical hours in each program. I completed 954 clinical hours while attending the LPN program, but completed less than 300 clinical hours while attending the RN completion program.

WOW! Is that normal for an LPN program? It seems excessive.

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I attended an LPN/LVN program in California, which is the most strict state in regards to completion of clinical hours. Anyone attending an LPN/LVN program in CA must complete 954 clinical hours.

Therefore, the LVN program that I attended was full-time and 5 days per week. I attended three 8-hour clinical shifts per week to accrue the 954 clinical hours by the end of the 12-month program.

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I found my RN clinicals to be a real joy. Outside of having the pressure of having to perform infront of someone grading you, its a nice thing to only have one patient! I definitely felt way more respect from the staff as well as my instructors.

To contrast the two in my LPN clinical I had one instructor who really stressed bed baths and making sure all the trash on the floors of all the rooms was picked up. She herself had little respect for LPN's and didnt try to hide it. However, In RN school we take breaks to discuss theory and assessment and teaching are the focus, not trash collection.

Also I was totally different this time around. I was not afraid to walk into my patients room, introduce myself and do my assessment first thing. The traditional students were still afraid to wake up the patients and did not do their assessments until they were reminded half way through the clinical day.

Overall it it was more enjoyable and focused more on what you do with your mind, not with your hands.

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