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I am a current nursing student in my first year. Reciently I have approached to enter a local hospitals RN program, which is a two year program where I can transfer all of my credits I currently have there and graduate at the end of next year with a RN's degree. Currently I am in a four year BSN program and am looking to get a MSN regardless of the path I choose. If I go with the program I can get my degree (BSN) in the same amount of time, but can start work two years earlier and go to school go get my required classes. Which way is the best, or what are the pros and cons of both. Someone with experience give me some help here.


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I understand your frustrations, as I have pretty much the same ones. I am in my last year of nursing school (ADN) and think to myself...gee in the same amount of time it took me to get this, I could have gotten my BSN. Now I will be working full time and taking classes as well in order to move up to BSN. I had to go for my ADN because of financial (cheaper) reasons. If you are able to go right into a BSN program...go for it!!


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From what I read, I would suggest you focus on the RN first. Get that as fast as you can.

Then also consider the chance your BS/MS classes are not available if you are not in a tract. You may have to wait. No matter, no biggie if you have to wait, you will be learning all along and providing well for yourself.

Plus your employer can tuition assist in your BS/MS endeavor.

If your BSN program takes you from apply to RN/BSN in the time they set out for you, that may be the best way if you have lots of hours built up.

Best wishes no matter which route you take, seems both will and up at the same place :)

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