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Hello, I have a question regarding about getting a job in seattle. 

I am currently working in Vancouver NICU for approx 3 years now. 

I already have applied for CGFNS and got my VISA screen done, but COVID happened, so no longer am able to travel or cross the border at the moment. 

I have the minnesota Nursing license since they do not require SSN number.

So here are the questions. 

1)When I am applying for Seattle job, do I need to have a SSN number ? 

2) Do I have to get a job as full time ? or be on contract ? Can I start as causal position / carpe diem? 

3) what is the hourly wage in seattle? I know it is different from hospitals to hospitals but is there any pay structure for RNs? 

Thank you 

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I can only answer your third question - most Seattle RN positions are union represented.  The two main unions are SEIU 1199NW (https://www.seiu1199nw.org) and WSNA (https://www.wsna.org). You can find the pay structures for different facilities by looking at their contracts.

Just know that these are very difficult financial times for the hospitals and some are on a hiring freeze for external candidates.  This might be an extra challenge for you if you need to be sponsored.


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Hi there,

I moved to Seattle from Vancouver about a year ago. 

1. When you move to WA, you will need to apply for an SSN for tax purposes here. It was easy to apply for, I remember getting my SSN a few weeks after I applied for it. 

2. I noticed that majority of contracts are day, evening and night contracts. For example, I am only working on a night contract. And depending on the job posting, there are many positions - per diem, days, or nights.

3. The hospital that I work at uses a "step payscale", so when I moved to Seattle, the number of years of experience I had in Vancouver was easily transferred over. It is also based on the union as well. 

Hope this helps!