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RN-to-BSN Options in NYC


Hey, I just wanted to ask everyone what the different RN-to-BSN program options are for someone living around Brooklyn/Manhattan (Queens is a possible option too) NYU and Pace are out of the question because of the expense, and I would like to think of online programs as sort of a last resort option just because I prefer going in person. So far I know of the following programs, some listed are pricey but definitely more reasonable then NYU, etc.:


- Touro

- SUNY Downstate

- Phillips Beth Israel

- St. Francis College

Can anybody name other schools within NYC that offer RN-to-BSN?

estrellaCR, BSN, RN

Specializes in OB, Pediatrics, Maternal/Child Health. Has 2 years experience.

Check out the CUNYs...public city universities. They are the most affordable and they have good program. SUNY Downstate is also a good option though it's a little more price than the CUNYs.

Check the following RN to BSN programs:

- Hunter College in Manhattan by 25th st and 1st ave

-Lehman College in Bronx by Bedford Park Blvd subway stop

-NYC City Tech in downtown Brooklyn first stop into Bk on many subway lines

CUNYs have a good rep with their nursing programs so they are good choices in both price and quality.

Thank you both!

@estrellaCR I actually found out about Lehman's RN-BSN yesterday LOL. The downside is that Chem is required prior to admission and I asked someone in the department if I can just take the Chem CLEP as an equivalent and they told me they didn't think so, but I will double check. If I can do Lehman or Downstate that would be great as Lehman is making an completely online RN-BSN program - so if I can get that CLEP, or even take Chemistry really quick during the winter it would be awesome. Downstate is also ideal, I have a few friends from my nursing school who went there, but the challenging part of Downstate is the NACE exams you need to take in order to get 27 credits.

Does anyone else besides me think it's frustrating though about the lack of RN-BSN programs around the NYC? Especially affordable ones. I'm hesitant to consider anything besides Lehman's online program because most others cost so much.

estrellaCR, BSN, RN

Specializes in OB, Pediatrics, Maternal/Child Health. Has 2 years experience.

Actually I forgot about online options. A coworker of mine at the hospital who was hired with ASN a few years before me did her BsN online with SUNY Delhi. She said it was fine and it was more affordable as it's a SUNY. So check out SUNYs also for online. I think most programs that are competitive to get in require chemistry. U can take it at a community college for low cost.

@estrellaCR I've definitely heard of and am considering Delhi! And, yeah, compared to most online programs Delhi is pretty "cheap".

If I decide on Lehman, then I will probably take chem as a quick winter class at the college I had graduated from - but I am still pretty undecided. Thankfully I have some time though :) I know I will pick the best option for myself and everything will work out in the end. I suppose it's just overwhelming to think about all these different options, but at least I have options! Thank you so much for the help once again :)