RN seeking FNP, have BA in SLP and drive a BMW. HA!


The abbreviation game cracks me up! But really, I have a bachelor's degree in speech language pathology('99). Did not pursue as a career, but now that I am an RN(associate) I was wondering if the BA I have already obtained can fast track me to NP. What are the degrees one HAS to have to apply for a NP program? BSN? MSN?

Thank you in advance .

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Nevermind...clearly didn't read the post! Good luck!


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Your best bet to get your question answered is to start calling graduate nursing programs and speaking to someone there about this.


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Many of the direct-entry MSN programs that those of here have applied to do not require a BSN, only a BA or BS in any other field of study. Some of these programs have a specialty component that kicks in after the first year or so (and after you have sat for and passed the NCLEX) that will allow you to be on the NP track. I'm sure there are several posters who will come around and post specifically about each program, as there are several.

There are many threads in this Graduate sub-forum dedicated to specific schools, so you can gain a lot of detail by reading the previous posts. Good luck!

If she already has an RN, would she still do the direct entry route? I thought that was intended for people without an RN?

I agree that calling around is a good idea. I have read on some websites that "RNs with a BA in another field will be evaluated on a case by case basis."

Good Luck!



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No specific advice, but I hope your headache gets better. :)


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I'm in a master's entry program.

I'm not sure where you're from but I'm sure if you contact the school of choice there is always a loop hole. Since you have a BA and I assume a ADN you can apply for a master's in nursing with NP (~it'll take about 2 years to complete). And yes it will be case by case consideration, I hope your GPA is at least a 3.0-3.2.

I hope this helps.


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I don't know about where you live, but in NJ it seems MOST of the MSN programs will accept RNs with bachelor's degrees in fields other than nursing. You usually have to take 6-9 extra credits to "bridge," though some programs will have you put together a portfolio for review. Then they will decide whether or not your undergrad + RN studies are sufficient (I think they usually are, but if not, they will tell you that you need to take "such-and-such a course" and can then matriculate).

Several online MSN programs give this opportunity too.

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well, i have an aa, a bs, a bsn and an ms and now i want a phd or my arnp (msn). here you have to have a bsn to apply for the arnp (nurse practitioner). i am having to get letters from my professors to apply for the phd program because my mastes is in education and not in nursing. but i do not know if that is "standard practice" in all or even most institutions. look around in your area, write down the names of the schools that offer the programs that interest you and start dialing, or better yet, make an appointment and go visit them. sometimes, if they see your face they may get the sense that you are serious and try to help you.

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oh, almost forgot, some organizations,baptist, for instance, have a time requirement. in other words, baptist requires that you are a nurse nurse for 5 years first before you are allowed to practice, for them, as a nurse practitioner. another interesting question that you should ask. find out where or for whom you would like to work and find out if they have such requirements before you invest the time, money and effort to advancing your education.

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