RN scope of practice for inserting central lines


I'm working on an evidence-based practice paper for my BSN, and the subject I've chosen is CLABSI prevention with IHI's central line insertion bundle. I'm trying to show that this is a nurse-driven topic, and I'm trying to find statistics on RN scope of practice, without much luck. Are RNs in all states allowed to insert PICCs? And how many states allow RNs to insert IJs/femoral lines?

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The question is not how many states allow but how many prohibit.

I am not aware of any states that prohibit PICC insertion by nurses, many have conditions but none prohibit that I am aware of. Central lines are trickier, many states say nothing on the topic. Some states like California place central line insertion within their "standardized procedure" portion of the scope while Arizona has the "If a nurse is trained and educated on it" portion of the scope. Some states like Arizona do in fact restrict the type of central lines that a nurse can put in but not all.

The Infusion Nurses Society or the Association of Vascular Access might have some compiled statistics for you.


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I don't know the specific wording of my state's nurse practice act but in one of my nursing roles I was able to place femoral lines, UAC's and UVC's.