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I would like to hear some personal experiences of nurses or nursing students who were allowed into nursing school even though they had past criminal records; or some opinions on what you think my chances are of being allowed to continue and complete clinicals.

I have been accepted to an RN program. I've been an LVN for 6 years. However, I have many years ago had some misdemeanor convictions. My most recent conviction was 12 years ago for misdemeanor burglary and I was also charged with under the influence of a controlled substance. I also had a possession charge 4 years before that (16 years ago). Before I took my NCLEX PN, I went to court and had my record expunged. I disclosed everything to the the VN board and submitted proof of expungement, letters of recommendation, and a personal letter explaining the circumstances and how I've changed my life. The board, with a warning, granted me my license. I have been clean and haven't been in trouble for 12 years and I have been working as a LVN for 6 years.

Now that hat I have been accepted to the RN program, they mentioned in the orientation that the hospitals will want a "more thorough" background check than the school did. In California, standard background checks go back 7 years, but the hospitals where we will do clinical rotations will pick up things the school didn't, pretty much everything. I decided to let the school know my story and I am waiting to hear back from the school as to what will happen next. I'm thinking it could mean that if the hospitals won't allow me there then I can't do clinicals, thus I wouldn't be able to continue. I have been losing my mind over this. Does anyone think I have a chance to get through this? Again, I haven't been in trouble for 12 years, expunged record, and have been working as an LVN for 6 years without restrictions. Btw I am in California. I would love to hear if anyone has any experiences or knows anyone with a similar situation who was allowed to continue.

There are lots of personal experiences here:


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Perhaps you can contact some of the major hospital agencies directly and inquire about their background check eliminators. Maybe you can do this without giving up your name.

I just got accepted into a RN program and we didn't have to do any background checks to get into school, so it didn't impact our acceptance. However, all of the hospitals where we do clinicals do background checks, so the bigger issue is going to be whether or not they would allow you to do clinical rotations at their clinical sites.

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