RN returning to nursing practice seeking preceptor in TX


I am seeking a preceptor/RN to sign me off on the clinical 80 hours here in Abilene, or somewhere close by. I am an experienced RN, not a new or graduating student.

If anyone knows an RN willing to help me facilitate this I would be grateful.

Thank you very much!

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Is this part of a formal refresher program? If so, this should have been included in the curriculum rather than expecting you to scrounge around and do it on your own. Question - How are you planning to compensate the facility & individual for their efforts? It is unrealistic to expect this much effort from anyone or any organization if they receive nothing in return. If you have not worked in nursing for long enough to require a refresher course... in terms of the level of support you will need, there will be very little difference between you and a new grad.

I would advise you to contact the education department(s) in those facilities to discuss your request since they usually coordinate all student experiences. They will be able to tell you whether it is feasible and if so, how to go about it.There are many legal/liability issues associated with letting non-employees participate in the care of patients.


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I completed a Kaplan course that did not feature a clinical, since the Texas Board assures that one may "enroll in an online refresher program for the didactic component." The Board's rules and FAQ's on the matter indicate that I may put it together this way, completing the 80 clinical hours in any setting that provides the appropriate learning opportunities, as overseen by an RN with "current knowledge and clinical expertise." True, it's more than a little worrisome to find myself having to scrounge around for that!

The Board makes it sound so straightforward: "Individuals desiring to re-enter nursing should search for clinical learning experiences that will assist them to acquire the skills necessary to provide nursing care in a competent and safe manner." Since I have long experience and have not forgotten everything, any reasonable amount of clinical learning experience will suffice to put me into safe functionality.

I am not so unrealistic as to expect a facility and individual RN to participate in my reactivation out of the goodness of their hearts and for free, but I had not really thought about paying them off out of pocket, either! In cover letters that I submit with my fairly substantial resumè, I am offering to perform the 80 clinical hours without pay, as the Board says that during the clinical learning experience "financial compensation is at the clinical learning site's discretion." A facility or agency hiring me could accept this nifty offer, or they might consider starting me on the payroll in order to get a capable and experienced nurse, if they need one, instead of paying me one of those sign-on bonuses they are always offering?

There is a very substantial difference between me and a new grad. I will not present with inexperience and timidity and will require little in the way of hand-holding. In the event of being permanently employed, I will not twist off and go looking for exciting new opportunities after a short time, the way new grads do!

Where the facility has one, I will contact the education department. However, the Board's information indicates it need not be a large acute care facility and I have been applying/proposing to LTC facilities, home health agencies, hospice outfits, etc.

I appreciate advice and opinions, but was sort of hoping for word from RNs at facilities who wish to discuss actual possibilities for proceeding, as I am ready to set about service to patients and performing, as opposed to someone just asking some big favor!