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RN relocation

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Hello everyone,

My husband and I are relocating to NYC for his job in two months and I had a couple of questions:

I have been a ER RN for approximately 3 years but only hold my ADN, will I have trouble finding a job? I had NO trouble getting a job right out of school but now I'm nervous.... I am graduating with my BSN in May, but I am nervous that I wont find a job! I have my TNCC, PALS, ENPC, ACLS, BLS, and SANE certification. I have had many travel nurse companies seek out my resume, but I would rather get hired on somewhere full time! Any advice would be much appreciated!

Also, I plan on attending NYU FNP program in the Summer! Does anyone have any insight on this? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks everyone :)


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I took a travel job in NYC so that I could hopefully get a foot in the door towards a full time job. It is very hard to find a job here and I have a BSN. It might be easier as an ED nurse though, I am a Peds nurse. But once you are on a travel assignment if they like you and they have a full time job open they are likely to hire you. Much more likely than someone's application in a pile.

How do you like traveling? What company are you working for if you don't mind me asking?


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I like traveling but I'm ready to settle down in a full time job. I have worked at a couple a different places here in NYC over the last year and now I think I have an in at the one I like best. I am traveling with American Mobile. It's a little hard at first because they give you little to no training on your new unit. But if you are experienced enough it's not too bad. People have been very nice and helpful in my experience with travel nursing.

I have an interview at lennox hill in their ED. Hopefully I wi get a job there! I def see pros and cons with traveling! Thanks for the help :)


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If you can get a full time job right off I would take it! If you already have an interview that's a great sign. Good luck I hope you get it!

I really hope so! My fingers are crossed lol