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Hello people! Are there any RNs that have one pt and that is their ft job. I am kind of ****** off, because I'm not really getting anywhere career wise doing this. I love my pt but sometimes I feel like less of a nurse. I would really like to work in a hospital. I have an RN, BSN. Has anyone successfully transitioned into the acute setting after doing this type of nursing. Are there any RN's who prefer doing this over other things? This is definitely my cup of chai latte but I'm bored and having difficulty securing other arrangements.

I got "lucky" and came into the position of clinical supervisor at my private duty agency. I was working a private duty case - the opening occurred - and my administrator thought I would be a good fit. It's going very well. Provided more experience and challenges then only one patient.

I then got a second job doing home health visits per diem. I still want to transition into acute care - now that I've gained more experience. I would think working in intermittent visits (if you have enough experience d/t Title 22 regulations and agency policy) - might be a more accessible area to expand your skill set and provide new challenges.

Good luck! I feel like private duty is something for some and not others. It has so many advantages in the closeness to the patient and family - the low stress environment (hopefully) - and the impact one has on each patient's quality of life. However, for some it becomes mundane, seems a poor use of skills, and nurses feel a longing for "more."

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I transitioned from home care / one vent patient (peds) to a position in PICU at the local children's hospital. I had previous hospital experience, but it was still a learning curve after having been out of the hospital world for several years.

Good luck - don't be afraid to go out and apply. Make sure your resume includes all the tech-y stuff about your job, and emphasize your versatility and decision-making in situations without co-workers.

As a nursing leader, I would tell you to go for it... I can teach any nurse a task oriented skill... but I can't teach motivation. So I hire based on the licensure, motivation, and personality... the rest is teach-able. :-)

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