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You are one of the most profoundly ignorant people I have ever conversed with. You do nothing but contradict yourself and vomit useless talking points.

There is no reason to continue this discussion, but thanks for the mental quicksand...have a great day.

If you want to communicate with me, send me a message. I won't reply to you on this forum again.

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Okay - I can see this thread has run its course and is now into bashing.

If you still want to discuss the original topic of this 2002 thread which was "are there RN to paramedic bridge courses?, let's start another thread please.

As someone on both sides of the fence, its just not us against them (with them being either paramedics or RNs depending on the side of the argument you want to be on), its about teamwork.

Please stop the arguing, bashing, the "I'm better than you because...." nonsense.


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