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RN to MSN Leadership &Management

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Caribbean_cruzin has 13 years experience and works as a RN Program Manager of Clinical Outcomes.

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10 hours ago, RNMal227 said:

Hello there and welcome!  Statistics sailed right on by!  LOL I took wayyyyyy longer than I should have in Statistics!  Life picked up, and school became a "task" to do.  I had to refocus myself and get back on a roll.  Once I did, I passed that PA and went on to take the OA and passed the first try! I kind of kicked myself for taking so long, but hey, no time to dwell in the past.  I reveled passing the OA and quickly moved on! The OA wasn't difficult at all.  You just have to know your stuff!  The only thing that got me was the technical difficulties in ProctorU.  They couldn't hear me for some reason. After we spent 30 minutes getting that fixed, I was good tot go.  Are you currently taking it?

Cool for you! I haven't enrolled yet, I waiting for the approval of my employers reimbursement program through Ed Assist. It's been almost 20 years since I graduated, so I am a little nervous about starting. Your shared experience and information has been helpful!

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