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an RN moving to DC area from Europe

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Hi everyone, 

I'm new to this forum. I was born in the Czech republic where I graduated from a nursing college and worked as an RN for 3 years in a university hospital. Then life took me to the Netherlands, where I was able to get a RN licence based on my education and professional experience from my home country. I have worked in the Netherlands for 9 years, as a hospital-based RN.

As of today, life is about to bring me to the USA, I am currently in a K-1 visa process with my US fiancee. Hoping that everything works out and I will receive the visa and will be able to move to the DC area by the end of this year, I started doing some research on how to obtain a RN licence in the USA. 

So far, I have looked up the CGFNS and created an account, seems like I will have to apply for Credential Evaluation Professional Report and pass NCLEX. 

I also found out that I would be required to have a proof of proficiency in English, so I took (and passed) the TOEFL iBT last March.

Now I was able to find some information about CGFNS Certification Program. I am slightly unsure what the difference between CEPR and CP is, can somebody please explain that to me, in practical terms?

If anybody who went through the same or similar process is willing to share their experience and/or give me a word of advice, I would be very grateful for any help 🙂 





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